What Is a Flavor Profile [Infographic]

If you watch cooking shows or read other cooking blogs, you’ve probably come across the term flavor profile. Was it defined, or did the writer simply assume you knew what they were talking about? Was it a collection of ingredients, and maybe a cooking style or two? Were speaking of a single dish’s flavor profile, […]

Secret Sites So Classified They Are Pixelated by Google Earth

This enormous blurred area in the Siberian Tundra region is rumoured to hide one of Russia’s ‘secret cities’ THERE are countless sites around the world deemed so classified that they are pixelated or blacked out by Google Earth.   Some are understandable, like some military sites, royal residences and say, the whole of North Korea. […]

11 Critical Mind Facts

1 THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Thoughts are things, they are real forces, and they are energy and are the ‘cause’ of all your ‘effects.’ What affects are your thoughts creating? 2 THOUGHTS ARE BIDIRECTIONAL Your mind is like a two-way radio, it is a sending and receiving station of thoughts. What thoughts are you sending out? […]

Tesla’s New Gigafactory Is Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

Elon Musk,CEO and product architect of the company Tesla Motors, is an entrepreneur not only interested in making money, but also advancing solutions to humanity’s pressing problems. Musk is unabashed in his commitment to help transition our energy paradigm from toxic fossil fuels into clean, renewable energy. Besides producing state-of-the-art electric cars which will be […]